Blueberry «Elizabeth»

Blueberry «Elizabeth»
Blueberry «Elizabeth»

Variety blueberry Elizabeth reaches a height of 1.6 — 1.8 metres.

Shoots have a characteristic red color, indicating a high winter hardiness similar to the varietie «Rancocas».

The cultivar «Elizabeth» blueberry  is easily propagated by woody cuttings.

Fruiting is good, but a little smaller than Bluecrop – 4-6 kg. froma bush, stretched in time, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful berries for two weeks.

Berries of Elizabeth are large enough — 20-22 mm. in diameter, solid, with a small hilum, easy to break away and almost not deformed during long distance transport. Fruit peel is beautiful, blue color. Berries are very sweet and fragrant.

The cultivar «Elizabeth» blueberry is very tasty and one of the best varietiy.

Berries begin to ripen in early August.

Fruit brush is very loose. Blueberry garden «Elizabeth» is a valuable late variety, although part of the crop may not always have time to ripen. Cultivar Elizabeth grows poorly on sandy soil, but feel well on soils with a moderate content of peat.