flowers parts
Style is sterile part of the pistil, which is a thin formation emerging from the ovary.

Bordeaux mixture fungicide

What is liquid Bordeaux. Liquid Bordeaux is one of the first effective fungicides (means of combating fungal diseases of plants), was first used to protect...

Soil acidity

a device for measuring the acidity of the soil
Soil acidity is a property of the soil due to the presence in the soil solution of hydrogen ions. Soil acidity is denoted by pH...

Answer to the question on the protection of blueberry.

Answer to the question on the protection of blueberry.
"Hello! Sorry to bother, but really need help. Please tell me why the browns blueberry leaves starting from the tip of the leaf?". One of...


Fungicides are chemicals used to destroy the pathogens of fungal diseases. Fungicides are chemical drugs from the group of pesticides that are designed to combat...

Disease of blueberry bushes

disease of blueberry
The answer to the question. Disease of blueberry bushes. "Hello! In search of the answer to the problem I stumbled across your website and decided to...

Gallery Slide. Blueberry bushes.

Blueberry bushes


flowers parts
Ovary - the lower expanded hollow part of the pistil that encloses one or more ovules, which are formed after fertilization seeds.


flowers parts
The pistil is the female organ of the flowers from which the fruit is formed. The pistil consists of the ovary, stigma and style.

The history of the blueberry garden

The history of the blueberry garden
The emergence of varietal blueberry garden we owe North America. In this country blueberries harvested only in the wild thickets until the end of...