The cultivar «Northblue» blueberry

The cultivar «Northblue» blueberry
The cultivar «Northblue» blueberryThe cultivar «Northblue» blueberry

The cultivar «Northblue» blueberry is dwarf blueberry.

Bush reaches a height of 60-90 cm.

The berries ripen from early August.

Regular harvest – 1.2-2.5 kilograms from a bush.

Berries range in size from 15 to 18 mm in diameter. The color of the berries is dark blue. The berries are thick, with a small scar and have good flavor.

The cultivar «Northblue» blueberry is recommended for fresh eating and for industrial processing. It has a high frost resistance (-35 °C).

Bush varieties «Northblue» has a nice decorative look and can be used in landscape design.