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Answer to the question on the protection of blueberry.

Answer to the question on the protection of blueberry.

“Hello! Sorry to bother, but really need help. Please tell me why the browns blueberry leaves starting from the tip of the leaf?”.

One of the main causes necrosis of leaf tips at the blueberry may be disturbance of soil acidity and associated mineral starvation of the plant.

The fact that many macro – and micronutrients available to the plants only at a certain pH level.

Plus, it is possible that the soil under the blueberry itself is poor in nutrients.

Judging by the photos, but it is in starvation and not infectious diseases.

The withering away of the tips of the leaves and visible chlorosis (yellow color of the leaf) indicate a lack of potassium may need to add nitrogen (fertilizers), as well as the lack of important trace elements such as magnesium, manganese, molybdenum.

What can be done?

1) Foliar deposition (spraying the leaves) complex fertilizers with the content of the above trace elements. This can be Kemira, Kristallon, Ekolist or any other. Such treatments should not be less than 2 (3) times during the growing season.

2) Correction of soil pH: of course, you can pour the vinegar solution, to buy a special acid fertilizer for blueberries, to wear bags the ruckus from the forest. But in practice the best option is planting blueberries or replacement of topsoil have already planted a real wetland soil produced in the near present swamp (with all there humus sphagnum moss, and so on. twangy).

Plus watering — blueberries are very sensitive to lack of moisture.