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Bluecrop blueberry

Bluecrop blueberry
Bluecrop blueberry

American variety blueberry Bluecrop is known since 1952. It’s the most valuable varieties of blueberries – standard blueberry.

Bush reaches a height of 1.6-1.9 meters.

The leaves are dark green, medium size, oblong, pointed. Bunches long.

Berries are large, 17-20 mm. in diameter, slightly flattened, black, with a strong light blue tinge, firm, delicious, collected in small loose brush.

“Bluecrop” is a middle grade blueberries (ripening berries: late July — August), non-simultaneous ripening berries, fruiting very abundant, regular, the yield of 6 – 9 kg per Bush.

Berries are very tasty, both in raw and in processed. The fruits are suitable for home work and for freezing.

Berries do not crack, well stored and transported.

Сultivar blueberry “Bluecrop” is characterized by resistance to diseases, is not afraid of drought and frost. Bush can withstand temperatures down to -34 °C, and the flowers to -7 °C

One of the most valuable varieties of blueberries, suitable for amateur cultivation, and commercial purposes worldwide.

The variety of blueberry Bluecrop needs severe pruning.