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Bordeaux mixture fungicide

What is liquid Bordeaux.

Liquid Bordeaux is one of the first effective fungicides (means of combating fungal diseases of plants), was first used to protect the grapes from disease in the French province of Bordeaux, which, in fact, gave her this name.

The use of liquid Bordeaux.

For its preparation are used copper sulphate (copper sulfate) and hydrated lime. Later it turned out that it helps in combating diseases and in other plants – fruit, berry, vegetable.

Bordeaux mixture is truly a generic drug, is hardly a panacea for the cottagers. Rarely of what modern fungicides can be compared with him as on the spectrum of eradicated diseases, and the range of protected crops. Apart from a pronounced fungicidal action of Bordeaux liquid and copper sulfate are the drugs to acombat bacterial diseases of fruit crops, especially bacterial cancer of the pear.

Another important appointment Bordeaux liquid and other preparations of copper – meals. Copper is an essential trace element for normal growth and respiration of plants. And, although most of our lands have enough copper, peat bogs and acidic sands and sandy loams fruit, berry, vegetable and grain crops often suffer from its deficiency, especially Apple, pear and plum. This is reflected in delayed growth and development of shoots, the general weakening of plants, chloromyceti leaves. In that case, treating your trees and shrubs from diseases, you simultaneously and fed them.

Peat bogs to prevent copper deficiency can also contribute to soil 30-50 grams of finely ground copper sulphate per 1 square meter of soil.

The basis of the fungicidal action of Bordeaux fluid are toxic properties of copper, which becomes active during the preparation of this drug. That is, it turns out that all preparations of copper have fungicidal properties of copper sulfate, copper oxychloride, but liquid Bordeaux the most effective.

Typically commercially available in a ready-made package with copper sulphate and slaked lime in the right proportions.

For spring “blue” spraying (swelling and blossoming buds) and autumn root out (second half – end of leaf fall) applied usually 3-5 % solution of liquid Bordeaux. This allows you to eradicate infections such as stock before the beginning and at the end of the growing season. When processing, it is important to literally drench the tree to the drug flowed through the branches, getting into all the cracks of the bark. Autumn Bordeaux liquid treatment helps to significantly reduce the spread of cancer of the bark and wood of fruit crops.

During the growing season to combat leaf spot (scab, phyllosticta on apple and pear tree) using 1% solution (100 grams of copper sulfate + 100-150 grams of quicklime per 10 liters of water) by spraying on foliage.

How to make liquid Bordeaux (recipe).

For the preparation of a 3-5% solution of liquid Bordeaux is required separately to dissolve in water, preferably in boiling water, or just hot, 300-500 grams of copper sulfate and 300-700 grams of quicklime. To do this, take 1-1. 5 liters of hot water, dissolve in it the original substances (sulphate and lime), stirring well, and bring each solution to volume of 5 L.

Be sure to strain the resulting solution of lime (milk of lime) through several layers of cheesecloth or through nylon tights (it’s much better). Strained milk of lime in a thin stream injected into a solution of copper sulphate, all the while stirring the mixture. Its color should be sky blue. the pH of the mixture is neutral or slightly alkaline and when using pH strips it should be painted blue, not red. If the litmus paper, you can use a clean, not rusty a bit a nail. If immersed in a solution of liquid Bordeaux the surface of the nail is coated with pure copper (red), then the solution is to add some milk of lime solution.

It is important to remember

In the preparation of liquid Bordeaux, you can use only a glass, enamel or plastic utensils!!!! In metal (galvanized) she instantly loses its efficacy.

Prepared with liquid Bordeaux can’t store it – use it immediately after cooking, otherwise it loses its valuable properties!

Do not exceed the concentration of the substance – in this case, the drugs begin to act as herbicides, causing burns leaves.

Very sensitive to copper treatments drugs stone fruits – plum, cherry plum, sweet cherry, cherry, apricot. Therefore, they should be limited to spring and autumn treatments.