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«Darrow» blueberry

«Darrow» blueberry
«Darrow» blueberry

The cultivar «Darrow» is a high-bush blueberry. It was transferred to production in 1965.

The bush is upright and slightly spreading.

Bush height – 1.5-2.1 meters. Regular harvest – 4-8 kilograms from a bush.

Berries range in size from more than 20 millimeters in diameter. Berries are dense, fragrant and of light blue color with a mild sour taste.

Berries do not crumble and do not crack in wet weather but can’t store for a long period of time.

Berries ripen from the middle of August.

The cultivar «Darrow» blueberry is recommended for fresh eating, freezing and processing.

Bushes should be planted in full sun.

«Darrow» blueberry is resistant to pathogenic viruses.