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Disease of blueberry bushes

disease of blueberry

The answer to the question. Disease of blueberry bushes.


In search of the answer to the problem I stumbled across your website and decided to ask you for advice.

My blueberry from 4 to 6 years, fertilizing timely, regular watering, and never than fungicides were not treated. In this year appeared the problem; three of twenty bushes have withered and began to dry the tops of some ( not all ) of the young shoots.

disease of blueberries

Your site has a description, but not having enough experience, it is hard to determine the disease. Prompt, please,what it could be than now to treat. Diseased shoots are already cut out, but something you need to process the plants themselves. And what to use for prevention?”.

Having carefully reviewed the description and send us the photos, we can assume that the most likely cause of the shrinkage of your blueberries may be cancer stem – a fungal disease that affects the bark and the wood, and, as a consequence, causing the gradual drying of the upstream branches.

diseases of blueberries

On the third photo, where the background wall of a branch with three shoots at their point of divergence is a clear brown stain, that fits the description cancer of blueberry stems.

Certainly not being actually in the hands of the affected branches, cannot with 100% certainty what to say.

Similar symptoms can be caused by several fungi (Phomopsis, pestalotia, grey rot).

But the struggle with them all the same.

Drying branches to remove the taking healthy wood (1-2 cm). And without chemistry cannot do – in the spring, before Bud break, and in the fall, after leaf – spraying preparations of copper (copper sulphate, Bordeaux liquid).

Mandatory disinfection of slices of a 5% solution of copper sulfate, outdoor paint with fungicides. With strong development of the disease, unfortunately, can not do without systemic fungicides.

We cannot exclude such an option, as verticillate wilting and root damage by animals (larvae of may beetle, mole cricket, voles). Try to unearth the root system of one of the bushes and look at it: are there any insects or white patches of mycelium and dead (dark on the cut) roots. If the roots slices of brown, these shrubs it is better to remove from the garden, burn, soil from under them to remove and replace with fresh. Wilt of blueberry (Verticillium), alas, is not treated.

We hope you will cope with this problem. If You do not complicate, write, how will the treatment, what other symptoms You have noticed.

You may send us question to email: [email protected]