Fence material calculator

Fence material calculator
Fence material calculator

The calculator computes the number of columns and distances between them

Also calculates the amount of materials needed for the construction of the fence : wire mesh, boards or sheet material.

To find out the cost of construction materials used, list their prices in retail stores in your area.

Unless noted "optimize the distance between the posts", the program will evenly distribute the columns of the fence on each side of the plot and adjust the distance between them.

Notice that the columns of the gate is already included in the calculation.

drawing scale 1:
Dimensions are in meters.
Select the size of the land plot

The width of the area
The length of the left side
The length of the right side


Distance between columns
The width of the gates and wickets
Price 1 post

You can select multiple materials for comparison.
Select materials for the fence

Metal mesh
Dimensions are in centimeters. Board
Dimensions are in centimeters. The sheet material