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pear tree picture

Pear Pest Monitoring Calendar

Note: The indicated monitoring times should serve as guidelines for when to monitor and manage pests, if the pest has been a problem in the...
First bloom (King Bloom) apple

Apple Pest Monitoring Calendar

Apple growth stages.
Leaf Curl on Peaches

Peach leaf curl

Why peach curl the leaves. Leaf curl of peach. Recommendations for treatment. Peach in recent years is gaining popularity among our gardeners because of its...
Answer to questions about high-bush blueberry protection

Answer to questions about high-bush blueberry protection

Once again I seek your advice concerning high-bush blueberry. I have found the same features on non-problematic bushes that were on problematic ones at...
protecting blueberries from the garden pests and diseases

Protection blueberry bushes from disease

Help! My blueberry bush got some problem. A disease like late blight of potatoes or tomatoes. In the morning the leaves were clean but in the afternoon some of the...
The brown rot of cherries

The brown rot of cherries

Moniliosis - a dangerous fungal disease of fruit crops, which affects almost all the trees of our garden - apple, pear, cherry, plum, cherry...

Bordeaux mixture fungicide

What is liquid Bordeaux. Liquid Bordeaux is one of the first effective fungicides (means of combating fungal diseases of plants), was first used to protect...