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How to choose a pressure washer

How to choose a pressure washer

How to choose a pressure washer

Pressure washer belongs to the category “multi-purpose cleaning machines”. It is a universal assistant for those who love the purity and tries to support it. Modern models have a large capacity and wide range of capabilities, allowing them to successfully fulfil various functions (washing cars, cleaning). Today eminent manufacturers offer household and professional cleaning in a wide range.

How to choose a quality and durable car wash?

The variety of products

All pressure washers are divided into two large groups:

1. Household cleaning. Basic parameters:
• duration of continuous operation — no more than 2 hours;
• water from the tap or container;
• water flow up to 600 l/h;
• maximum pressure of 20-150 bar;
• the mains voltage is 220 Volts;
• all items and parts are mainly made of plastic.

2. Professional car wash. Features:
• duration of continuous operation — no restriction;
• water from the tap or a separate container;
• water flow up to 1000 l/h;
• the maximum pressure up to 1500 atmospheres;
• supply voltage up to 380 V;
• the package depends on functionality, but all the details made of durable materials and non-ferrous alloys.

Depending on why you need a pressure washer, you can choose additional options:

• Washing, not heating water. Delivered before washing tasks are completed efficiently due to the several modes of the water jet. Additive detergents also has a positive effect on efficiency.

• Washing, heating water. These units are designed for quick disposal of dirt, resistant to cold water (grease, oil). Will be washing in cold time of day, as it will allow to quickly get rid of the frozen dirt. Because of the possibility of disinfecting the equipment is operated at agricultural enterprises and by pishekombinat.

• Single-phase washing. Cars power supply system are compact and economical. Are designed to solve small and not complex tasks.

• Three-phase washing. Different power and performance, as further equipped with an engine. Most often they can be found on major construction projects in the forest industry and other major industries.

If you want to choose a high quality pressure washer that will meet all your requirements and to different long-life, then pay attention to the following parameters:

pressure washer for garden• The water pressure. How easily you can handle the dirt, directly depends on this parameter. High pressure easy to clean dirt. For household use is enough power 90-130 bar.

• Performance. It is a measure of the total volume of water that the washer can pump per unit time. From this indicator depends, how strong will power.

• Pump. You should pay attention to what material it is made. Inexpensive machines domestic use-equipped unit of plastic. Related to this is their inability to work long hours without turning off. Professional cleaning and domestic cleaning Premium, usually equipped with a metal pumps.

• Function Total Stop. Not the most necessary feature, but its presence will help you to save water and this will greatly facilitate the operation. She is in the automatic wash off as soon as you push the handle of the gun.

Additional equipment

To prolong the life of your universal assistant, it is useful to buy extra equipment.

• The water filter will prolong the life of your washer for a few years. Better to choose a reusable filter.

• External foaming agent. It is better to buy those who chose a car pressure washer with a supply of cleaning chemicals out of the tank or by pumping them through a tube. While this process is suitable only for neutral detergents.

• Special nozzle will help to increase the functionality of the pressure washer.