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How to prune blueberry bush


A rosy and well-developed blueberry bush should have an average of 6-8 strong and healthy twigs. They should grow from the rhizome, or stems of the old branches, leaving them near the earth itself. A healthy plant should be well enlightened by the sun and regularly rejuvenated. The aging of the wood is the formation of the formation of fruit bearing ovaries, so the branches of the blueberry must be periodically replaced by new, strong shoots.

Typically, pruning a blueberry bush assumes an annual removal of about 1/3 of the old branches as a result – the plant is completely renewed in 3-4 years. Old branches are cut above the ground or shortened with translation to a strong lateral shoot. Also removes excess root shoots, which did not have time to develop into quality shoots. Strongly grown off annual shoots, which are left on a bush of blueberries, as a replacement for remote branches, slightly shortened, to the average height of the plant. This contributes to the formation of bilberry lateral shoots.

Rejuvenation of the blueberry bush.

This is a pruning in accordance with the biological characteristics of the blueberry variety. At which all branches of the bush are cut off, leaving ¼ of the former length, the plant is excavated, divided into several parts and planted. Weak bilberry varieties are rejuvenated after 5-8 years, the large varieties, as a rule, rejuvenate after 15-20 years of cultivation.

The best time to trim a cultivated garden blueberry is the autumn-winter period – from the leaflet in the autumn to the beginning of the spring vegetation.

Our video how to prune a giant blueberry bush.