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Plum growth stages

plum tree
Plum growth stages photo

Some tips:

  • Stratification by cold. The seed is placed in a damp cloth, sawdust or a moisture-permeable primer, half composed of coarse-grained sand, and in this condition is prevented in a refrigerator. The lower shelf of the refrigerator, on which vegetables are stored – is an ideal place for the stratification of stone fruits. It is important to remember: the higher the temperature, the slower the processes of swelling of the superficial bone tissues. The more difficult it will be to germinate. The process of stratification is from October to March, the seed must be in the refrigerator (or cellar, in the basement, in a room where it is cool and humid). In this case, the tissue in which it is wrapped or the substrate for its swelling should be constantly moistened – it can not be allowed to dry out!
  • To accelerate the germination, the bone can be stimulated with growth stimulants. They will allow to start growth mechanisms.
  • After the swelling of the seed and the appearance of a crack in it, a seed is placed in a pot with moist soil. Further care for the stone culture is carried out as a pot plant: watering, feeding, timely removal of pests, regular thorough examination for pests.
  • In autumn, when the tree reaches the state of a small seedling, it is planted in the garden.

A certain number of years must pass before a tree grown from the seed can enter the fruiting.

Watch the video “How To Grow Plum Trees From Seed, 0-3 Months”: