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«Rancocas» blueberry

«Rancocas» blueberry
«Rancocas» blueberry

«Rancocas» blueberry was transferred to industrial production in 1926.

The ripening of the berries from the middle of August.

Bush height – 1.5-1.8 meters, annually forms a lot of annual shoots and requires annual pruning since 4 years of age.

Very good annual harvest – 4-6 kilograms from a bush.

Berries range of medium size — 13-15 mm. in diameter of light blue colour, flattened and without aroma.

Berries are used for industrial processing and for fresh eating.

Advantage of «Rancocas» blueberry is simplicity and the ability to tolerate rapid changes in temperature; soil moisture. It’s one of the most hardy and the most disease resistant varieties of blueberry.

«Rancocas» blueberry has decorative properties and is suitable for hedges.

In winter the branches of the bush painted in bright red color.