Swimming pool calculator

Swimming pool calculator
Swimming pool calculator

Depth H
Depth H2
Length X
Width Y

Thickness of walls A
The thickness of the bottom B

Width of flange E
Height of upstand F
The water level W

Bottom with shoulder

Size U1
Size U2

Specify the value of excavation work

Digging (for 1 cubic meter)

Removal of soil (for 1 cubic meter)

Calculation :
The surface area of ​​the water: м2
Total area: м2
Water volume: м3
The area of ​​the inner surface: м2
The volume of excavation: м3
Concrete volume: м3

View from above

Side view

View from the left end

The program will help to design and calculate the amount of building materials for construction of swimming pools.

You can use it to calculate the area of ​​the inner surface of the pool to buy tiles and waterproofing materials, the size of the cup, to find out the amount of concrete and earthwork for its construction, to find out the optimal amount of water for the selection and purchase of equipment for the pool.

To find out the cost of excavation, enter their prices in your region where you live. To calculate fill in the box on the left corresponding values. After that, the program will give you the result automatically in a drawing pool and a set of parameters required for the calculation.