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The cultivar «Bluejay» blueberry

The cultivar «Bluejay» blueberry
The cultivar «Bluejay» blueberry

The cultivar «Bluejay» is a high-bush blueberry.

This cultivar was transferred to industrial production in 1977.

Bush is powerful, fast-growing and straight. Bush height – 1.5—1.8 meters.

The berries are gathered in long loose racemes. Berries ripen in the middle of July.

Regular and good harvest – 3.5-6 kilograms from a bush.

Berries are of medium size of light blue color, very dense, with a small hilum. Berries are resistant to cracking and have pleasant slightly sour taste.

After ripening berries don fall for a long time and do not lose their qualities.

The cultivar «Bluejay» blueberry is recommended for fresh consumption and processing. Berries can be stored for a long time and transported well.

The cultivar «Bluejay» blueberry is resistant to fruit rot, death of branches and mummification of the berries. Has a high frost resistance (can withstand temperatures down to -32 °C) and resistance to frost.