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The cultivar «Blueray» blueberry

Blueray Blueberry Bush
The cultivar «Blueray» blueberry

The cultivar «Blueray» blueberry is a high-bush blueberry.

This cultivar was transferred to industrial production in 1955.

Bush height – 1.2-1.8 meters.

The bush is upright, spreading has a strong growth. The cultivar «Blueray» blueberry is easily propagated by woody cuttings.

The berries ripen from the third week of July.

Regular harvest – 4.5-9 kilograms from a bush. Berries range in size from 12-15 mm. in diameter, shiny, blue, aromatic and have a very good taste. The berries are resistant to cracking.

The cultivar «Blueray» blueberry is prone to excessive fruiting. Fruit brush relatively small and dense.

The Bush is very decorative thanks to the light pink colored flowers, dark green leaves in summer and fiery red in autumn.

The cultivar «Blueray» blueberry is able to withstand frosts from -28 to -34 °C.

The cultivar «Blueray» blueberry needs regular pruning.

Berries are used for fresh eating.