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The cultivar «Herbert» blueberry

The cultivar «Herbert» blueberry
The cultivar «Herbert» blueberry

The cultivar «Herbert» is a high-bush blueberry.

The cultivar «Herbert» blueberry was transferred to industrial production in 1967.

Bush is powerful and widely spreading.

Bush height – 1.8—2.2 meters.

The cultivar «Blueray» blueberry is easily propagated.

Regular harvest – 5-9 kilograms from a bush.

Berries range in size from 20-22 mm. in diamete. Berries are fragrant, flattened and resistant to compression, with a medium hilum.

The taste is very good and tender.

Berries do not fall from the bush and do not crack after maturation.

Berries ripen from the middle of August.

The cultivar «Herbert» blueberry is recommended for fresh eating, processing and freezing.

Blueberry «Herbert» differs with late flowering and high resistance to frost.