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The cultivar «Jersey»

The cultivar «Jersey»
The cultivar «Jersey»

The cultivar Jersey blooms at the same time as the cultivar «Bluecrop».

The cultivar «Jersey»  perfectly suits for «Bluecrop» pollination.

The berries ripen in mid-August, later than cultivar Bluecrop.

Berry are of light blue, round and dense, small or medium size.

Regular harvest 4-6 kilograms from a bush.

Berries range in size – 16 millimeters in diameter.

Berries are very tasty and recommended for processing.

The cultivar «Jersey» is one of the best pollinators for other varieties of blueberries.

The cultivar «Jersey» has strong growth slightly spreading form. Reaches a height of two meters (1.6 to 2.0 meters).

The leaves are large, of light green color.

In winter, the color of shoots is from light red to golden brown.

The cultivar «Jersey» is suitable for mechanical harvesting.

The variety «Jersey» is resistant to late spring frosts and the red virus ringspot.