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The cultivar «Northland»

The cultivar «Northland»
The cultivar «Northland»

The cultivar «Northland» is a dwarf blueberry.

«Northland» was introduced in 1967.

Bush height – relatively low but powerful spreading shrub to 1.0-1.2 meters.

The bushes of the cultivar «Northland» have round a spreading shape and have a lot of great shoots, often very thick.

Shoots all year round remain light green.

Leaves are of medium-sized, often small, oval and light green.

«Northland» is an early ripening cultivar.

The ripening period: middle — late July.

The cultivar «Northland» has very good, regular harvest  – 4-8 kilograms from one bush.

Berries are of medium size, medium blue color and relatively dense.

The berries are suitable for industrial processing.

The variety is dwarf blueberry “Northland” can be grown in Northern areas as characterized by high frost resistance and short vegetation period.

Grade blueberry «Northland» has ornamental value because of its compactness.