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The cultivar «Patriot»

The cultivar «Patriot»
The cultivar «Patriot»

The cultivar Patriot was transferred to production in 1976.

Bush height – 1.2–1.8 meters.

Shrub is growing shrub in a straight line, has an elongated shape.

Bushes have a great decorative look.

Berries ripen in the middle of July.

Berries of the cultivar «Patriot» gathered in dense clusters have different size and flattened shape.

Berries range in size from 17 — 19 mm. in diameter.

Not fully ripened berries have red color.

Berries are very tasty. They are recommended to eat fresh.

The cultivar «Patriot» blueberry is hardy and able to withstand temperatures down to -29 °C.

The cultivar «Patriot» is resistant to phytophthora — rot of the roots of cancer and stem.