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The cultivar «Spartan» blueberry

The cultivar «Spartan» blueberry
The cultivar «Spartan» blueberry

The cultivar «Spartan» blueberry started to use  in the industrial production since 1977.

The cultivar «Spartan» is a erect shrub. Bush grows straight (vertically).

Bush height – 1.5-2 meters.

Berries ripen in July.

Regular harvest – 4.5-6 kilograms from a bush.

Berries of light blue colour, large (15-18 mm. diameter) and dense. Berries endure transport.

The cultivar «Spartan» blueberry has pleasant sour, good flavor and very nice fragrance.

The cultivar «Spartan» blueberry is recommended for fresh eating.

The cultivar «Spartan» does not tolerate waterlogged soil.

Plant habit allows the use of mechanical harvesting berries.

«Spartan» blueberry is resistant to brown rot, mummification berries and dying branches.