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The cultivar «Sunrise»

The cultivar «Sunrise»
The cultivar «Sunrise»

The cultivar blueberry «Sunrise» is known since 1991.

Bush height is 1.2–1.8 meters.

Shoots poorly formed, this ensures good illumination of the inner part of the crown Bush.

The cultivar «Sunrise» is not required for regular cutting.

Berries ripen from the middle of July.

Harvest is 3-4 kilograms from a bush.

Berries are large (17-20 mm. in diameter) and they are very tasty. The berries are of light blue. Berries are recommended for fresh eating.

Harvesting of the cultivar «Sunrise» blueberry is carried out in three steps.

The lack of cultivar «Sunrise» is a low resistance to spring frosts.