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The history of the blueberry garden

The history of the blueberry garden

The emergence of varietal blueberry garden we owe North America. In this country blueberries harvested only in the wild thickets until the end of the 19th century.

The blueberry domestication began in the 20th century.

In 1906, the first American who started learning blueberries Frederick Covill, majoring nerd. For breeding it selected high yielding and large varieties of wild blueberries. Early varieties of blueberries Brooks and Russell were obtained from wild forms of V. corymbosum and V. angustifolium.

In 1911 Elizabeth White has provided her farm for the cultivation of blueberry seedlings. Elizabeth White was able to obtain hybrids that has led to the use in breeding of wild plants V. australe. The first grade received on the farm Elizabeth White: Pioneer, Cabot and Katharine hybrids of the first generation. Grade Rubel, miss White received by selection from wild material.

Frederick Cowell created 18 varieties of blueberries, which in 1949 had occupied the entire industrial area of tall blueberry in America. Cowell after his death left many thousands of hybrid seedlings and seeds.

The blueberry breeding continued j. Darrow, who for years 1939-1959 from seeds and seedlings of Chowilla got another 15 varieties.

The history of the blueberry garden in U.S.

Blueberry garden — selection work in the United States.

From 1939 to 1959 were created experimental stations in several Western States.

By 1965, in breeding participated experimental stations and private growers from 13 States : Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, Michigan, West Virginia, Florida and others In breeding work was introduced another type: blueberry “rabbit eye” blueberry Aeschi.

By the beginning of 1980 there were 45 tall varieties of blueberries, 11 varieties of blueberries “rabbit eye” and 3 varieties of dwarf blueberry.

Breeding work in Canada

In 1926 blueberry breeding was carried out at the branch experiment station Ministry of agriculture in Canada Kentville.

In 1930 N. W. Hall and L. E. Aalders received a number of dwarf varieties of blueberries with a shorter vegetation period and high winter hardiness, but with smaller and less tasty berries.

In 1960 started the breeding of dwarf varieties of blueberries. Were obtained 3 varieties of dwarf blueberry: Awgusta, Braswick and Chignekto.

Since 1893, has begun commercial production of blueberry Aeschi on the plantation of North-West Florida, founded M. A. SAPP bushes, transplanted from the wild thickets. Growing blueberries in Europe: Growing blueberries in Western Europe began in 1923 in the Netherlands, and in 1929 in Germany.

After the Second world war, the cultivation of blueberry garden began in England, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Italy, France, Romania, Finland, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

In 1964 the International society of gardeners have created a group, which focused on the theme “culture of the berries of the genus Vaccinium in Europe”.

In 1969-1970 began work on the evaluation of 12 varieties of blueberries in Scotland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Germany. The studied varieties: Berkeley, Bluecrop, Blueray, Collins, Covill, Darrow, Goldtravel 53, Goldtravel 71, Heerma I, Karma II, Herbert, Ivanhoe.

In 1970, the blueberry was grown in New Zealand, Australia, Japan.

Growing blueberry garden in a former SSR

In 1964 I. A. Danilova in the Main Botanical garden planted 9 varieties derived from research zonal Institute of non-Chernozem zone. The study blueberries were held in St. Petersburg, Kostroma, Michurinsk, but the most active work has been carried out in Novosibirsk.

A. B. Gorbunov and I. Snaking was a large collection of cranberry and was included bog blueberry (V. uliginosum L.) as a species, the result was registered 8 varieties of Vaccinium uliginosum. In 1969, studies were initiated in Lithuania.

In 1974 the blueberry fruits began to study in Latvia.

In 1980 to study blueberries has begun in Belarus and Ukraine.