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Vegetable Garden Design: interesting ideas with your own hands

vegetable garden design

The phrase “Vegetable Garden Design” sounds somewhat unusual. The earth is cultivated for the sake of practical use, and there is almost no time left for the aesthetics of time. However, the fashion has come to us to create beauty everywhere and in everything. Even a garden can look like a work of art, designed by a designer with a delicate taste. Vegetable paradise and fruit kuschi require a clear delimitation of the zones and additional decorations. In their role can act gazebos, fences, garden paths, fountains, flower beds and greenhouses. We will describe how to create a vegetable garden design with our own hands without the help of professionals.

Choose a layout

Creating a vegetable garden design, you can choose as a traditional geometric scheme, and create something like a flower border, with the inclusion of useful vegetable plants in it. Geometric schemes are simple, but very effective. The classical variant is a composition in a circle or in a square divided into sectors. It can be deployed both on the plane and in elevated beds. On such beds the soil warms up faster and moisture does not stagnate. To ensure that the beds do not lose shape, they are framed with walls of various materials – wood, metal or brick.

Choose a layout of Vegetable Garden
This symmetrical composition is not only beautiful, but also practical – thanks to a semicircular cut, you can reach any part of the bed without stepping on it.

What to plant in your vegetable garden?

Many vegetable cultures are really beautiful. Excellent salad leaves, beets, bows look impressive and neatly tied tomato bushes. In their own way, powerful plants of squash and pumpkin are attractive, the main thing is to place all this correctly on the site. The design of a vegetable garden will be especially impressive if you select plants that are contrasting in color, shape and texture. For example, you can create a beautiful pattern, alternating the bushes of green and reddish salad or beets. As a soloist usually take large expressive plants, for example, ornamental cabbage. Her elegant, with a pink mid-head, decorate any garden, and their coloring will become brighter every day until the very late autumn.
what to plant in your vegetable garden
Decorative cabbage is a very spectacular plant. It will become an ornament of any garden.

Make a frame

The beautiful arrangement of beds is also important for the design of the garden, as a frame for the picture. In Europe, for this traditionally used curbs from the short-cropped bush boxwood. Unfortunately, in the conditions of the Central Russia strip it is rather difficult to create such a frame. For the winter, the box will have to be carefully covered, but even if there is such a hiding place, success is not guaranteed. Therefore, it is better to bet on inert materials. The role of the curb will be executed by a pretty willow wattle, wooden bars or blind area made of decorative concrete. Creating such a design will require certain costs, but the result will pay for all investments!

frame of vegetable garden

For beauty

Of course, your vegetable garden, it is primarily – useful vegetable plants. But this does not mean that you can not grow flowers here. On the contrary, several flowering shrubs of marigolds or marigolds will not take away nutrients from their favorite cabbage or beet, but their scent will scare off the pests, and bright flowers will decorate the garden. If you try, in the garden you can find a place for climbing roses. Placing in several places of support with these plants you can get spectacular flowering verticals. Do not forget about the paving. The space between the beds can be decorated with an interesting mulching material – a multicolored bark or chips, or covered with gravel. And then your vegetable garden will not yield in splendor to the most refined flower garden. 

climbing roses on vertical supports
On the photo: climbing roses on vertical supports – a magnificent ornament